Payinfo FAQ
  • 1. What is Payoneer?
  • Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid debit MasterCard® cards. The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card works just like any other MasterCard® card.

    The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where MasterCard® is accepted electronically. You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.

    For additional information please click here.

  • 2. How does wire transfer work?
  • This option is mainly recommended for Studios with many registered models and a high income.

    Please consider the fact that transaction fee may vary between $20-$50, which is deducted from Your earnings (this is the transaction fee that the participating banks - sender, intermediary, beneficiary - charge).

    Funds are sent by STREAMVISION CORP. with transaction reference "Electronically Delivered Services". The sender bank is Orwell Union in United Kingdom.

    In case You do not receive funds we advise You to contact Your bank to see if they received a transfer from STREAMVISION CORP. In case You need, we can provide You with a swift copy which may help Your bank to track the transfer.

    Information that is necessary for the transfer: bank account holder's name, bank name, bank country, bank account number/IBAN number, bank swift code or any other identification code Your bank uses.

    IBAN number is necessary for those European countries that implemented IBAN.

  • 3. Payout limit
  • The payout limit is the amount You have to reach in a period in order to receive Your payout on the period's payout date. The limit is $100 for Payoneer, $300 for wire transfer.

    What if I do not reach the payout limit in a period?

    If You do not reach the payout limit in a period, Your money will roll over to the next periods until You reach it, then we can send it to You.

    How can I change my payout limit?

    In order to change Your payout limit please send an e-mail to from Your registered e-mail address and include Your request, a scanned copy of Your photo ID and a BRAND NEW face and ID photo (holding Your ID next to Your face).

    In case I change my minimum payout limit after the closure of a period, will the new amount apply from the previous or from the current period?

    Please note that while a payout method change can apply from the previous period, this is not the case with minimum payout limit change. Once a period is closed the minimum payout limit change only applies from the current period.

  • 4. Period closing
  • The period closing is done approximately 5-7 days after the last day of the period. Once it is done You can see Your closed period in the Previous Payments menu in Your STATS/PAYMENTS (in case You reached the minimum payout limit in the period).

  • 5. Payment Reference
  • When sending out payouts (whether it is Payoneer or wire transfer) we use the following reference: Electronically Delivered Services.

  • 6. In case Your Payoneer payout option is still in Waiting For Approval status
  • In case Your registration did not go through successfully You will have to contact us by sending an e-mail to (attaching a scanned copy of Your photo ID and a BRAND NEW face and ID photo). We will reject Your current payout method and You may register Your Payoneer account again.

    In case Your Payoneer registration was successful, however Your account is in In-Active status You will have to contact Payoneer by visiting the following link: The Payoneer Customer Service will provide You with every necessary information on how to activate Your account. Please note that in this case a notification e-mail is always sent to the e-mail address You used when registering on You also receive e-mails if Your registration is declined.

  • 7. Payout method / information change
  • Please note that any change regarding Your payout method has to be sent from Your registered e-mail address along with a scanned copy of Your photo ID and a BRAND NEW face and ID photo (holding Your ID next to Your face)

  • 8. As a reminder, the payout dates are the following:
  • If You reach Your payout limit in the first period (1st-15th) of the month You receive Your payout on the 10th of the following month. If You reach Your payout limit in the second period (16th-end of the month) You receive Your payout on the 25th of the following month

    In order to make sure everyone receives their payout on time we start sending out payouts (Payoneer 2-3 days prior to the payout date; wire transfer 5-10 days prior to the payout date) a couple of days prior to the payout date, however please do not forget that the official payout date is the 10th and the 25th

  • 9. In case we cannot send out Your payout
  • If, for some reason (inactive Payoneer account, missing IBAN or swift code at wire transfer) we cannot send out Your payout on time we always contact You through Your registered and Master/Easy Account e-mail address to inform You about the problem

  • 10. Payout in USD
  • Please note that sends out payout in US dollars, therefore if You choose wire transfer as payout method we strongly recommend You to open a bank account in USD. This way You can avoid additional costs and poor exchange rate