Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is YouCam24?
  • YouCam24 is an adult live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur Models from all over the world. These models broadcast video imags live from their homes or studios, so you can watch them while chatting.
    YouCam24 offers a wide variety of models; to pick the one who fits your desire, you can use our Search Menus that will help you find models based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, video quality and many more. Once you have found your favourites add them to your Favourite list and save yourself the effort next time you are looking for them.


    NOTE: does not sends SPAM email . We contact our clients via 2 emails : and


  • 2.Are all cameras live?
  • Of course. On YouCam24 all online models provide a live camera feed in their chatrooms.  On the other hand, we also offer a great deal of pre-recorded amateur VideoOnDemand streams for a rather moderate price. These videos are listed in a separate section of the site.

  • 3.How does video chat work?
  • The model has a webcam or camcorder set up in front of her/him/them providing live video feed through the Internet. Many models have audio option, so not only you can see them but hear them at the same time. You need to have Adobe Flash plug-in installed for your browser in order to be able to view the camera feed. If you need technical help you can contact our Support.

  • 4.How do I chat with a model?
  • When you enter someone's chatroom, you see the model in real time on the letf hand side of the room. There is a chat window on the right hand side that you can use to chat with the model by entering your text message at the top of the chat window. The model's answer will appear in the same window with different colour.
    In the Free Chat area of YouCam24 you will find that a model might chat with many visitors at the same time. Once you find the Model of your likings you can hit Private Chat button and start a live show you direct!

  • 5.How do I leave a chatroom?
  • You can leave a chatroom simply by clicking on Exit button in the top-right corner or navigating to a different section of the site.

  • 6.How can I charge or recharge my account?
  • Recharging your YouCam24 account is fast and easy. Use "Recharge Account" menu.

    1.   Choose the desired credit package.

    2.   You will be automatically redirected to our partener’s site where you will be able to follow the credits purchase process.

    We use 3rd party processors SEGPAY in order to process credit card payments so none of your credit card information are stored on our website.

    NOTE: Please use a valid e-mail address, phone number and credit card number when you make a purchase. We do not accept fraudulent payments and our partners are making sure that you will not purchase credits it you use fake data.

    After a successful credit purchase you can start using them up immediately!

  • 7.What do I do in case of an unsuccessful Account Recharge?
  • If you experience an unsuccessful credit purchase please check Your registered e-mail address. Don't forget to check Spam/Junk/Bulk folders as well!
    In case you received an e-mail from our partener regarding the transaction please reply the e-mail as soon as possible. A representative will shortly contact you.

  • 8.I forgot my Membership password. What to do?
  • If you happen to forget your password please visit the proper login page and click on "forgot password" where - after providing your username and registered e-mail address, we shall send your correct login details to your registered e-mail address.
    If  -  for any reason - your login details did not reach you, please contact YouCam24 Customer Service by e-mail.

  • 9.Is there any Membership fee?
  • No there is no membership fee. We do not charge for Daily/Montly/Yearly subscription fees.

  • 10.How can I check my Member Account balance?
  • Your balance appear in the top-right of any page; You can add credits by clicking on "Recharge Account" button on the top menu.

  • 11.How can I cancel my Membership?
  • In case you would like to cancel your Membership you may contact YouCam24 Customer Service either by sending an e-mail. Give us your website nickname and we will delete your account.

    Please note that in order to delete your account the balance must be 0. No refund will be released if the account balance is not exhausted.

  • 12.When is a model online?
  • If you’d like to find out if your favorite model is online,  you can add the model to Your "Favorites" list.

  • 13.How can I add a Model to my Favorites list?
  • Adding Models to your "Favorites", that You can find under "My Favorites" in the main menu, can shall be do easily by clicking on "Add to Favorites" button on Model's Personal Page.

    In order to remove a Model from Your "Favorites" list click on "Remove from Favorites" button on Model's Personal Page.

  • 14.How can I find the model I am looking for?
  • Using our advanced Search System on the right of the screen you can easily specify physical features (such as hair colour, breast size, build), age, sexual preference, ethnicity, spoken languages, the quality of the camera feed, the actual per minute price and many others.

  • 15.Can I rate models?
  • Using My Rating feature (the stars below each online model and the rating feature after each privat e show) you can rate any Model you come across. Simply by looking at the number of stars you gave them, you could tell how you liked them before. Later you will be able to search for them based on your rating as well.

  • 16.I was not satisfied with the Model's Private Show. What to do?
  • In case You were unsatisfied with a Model's Private Show please contact YouCam24 Customer Service by sending us an e-mail.

  • 17.How can I send messages to Models?
  • All registered Members have the option to send offline messages to Models. You can find the "Message to models" option under My Account.

  • 18.How does the sneak-a-peek feature work?
  • 1.    Enter the room of the chosen model.
    2.    If the model is in private chat you can sneak in to see her/his show for 30 seconds. Related cost is deducted from your account upon each sneak-a-peek period. You cannot intervene in the show, you can only watch it for 30 seconds.

  • 19.How can I tip a model?
  • 1.    Enter the free chat room of the chosen model.
    2.    You can tip a model any amount you like simply by clicking on the "TIP MODEL" button on the top of the screen, just bellow the written chat zone, near the "ADD TO FAVORITE" button.

  • 20.How do I enable the Cam2Cam option?
  • You can use Cam2Cam service during a Private Show for FREE (no additional fee). This way the Model will also be able to see you!

    Enabling Cam2Cam:
    1.    Click on "Camera" button under the Model’s video window during a Private Show
    2.    Allow access to your camera in the Flash pop-up window
    In case a black screen appears instead of your live camera image you may do the following:
    1.    Right-click on the video image
    2.    Choose "Settings" from the menu appearing
    3.    Click on the small webcamera icon to access Camera menu
    4.    Choose the camera you have installed
    5.    Choose Privacy menu and Allow access to your camera.

    Please make sure that NO other application (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) is accessing your camera while doing Cam2Cam and that you have the latest Flash player installed. You can download it from this location: .

  • 21.I need special technical help, how can I get it?
  • For special technical assistance please send us an email at this address: . They will surely do their best to help you in all kinds of technical situations.

  • 22.How do I pay for credits?
  • You can pay by simply clicking to the Recharge Account button on the main menu and selecting the appropiate chips pack that suites your needs.

    You will be taken then to our credit card secure processor SEGPAY using a secure https connection.

    We respect the client privacy so nothing regarding our web site will appear on your bank statement.

    Please note that our prices are in USD. You can pay in any currency and the our payment processor will automaticaly make the exchange. For example if you are from EUROPE you will be able to pay the coresponding ammount in EURO, will be billed in USD. 

  • 23.Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?
  • YES! It is 100% safe. We are working with a 3rd party processors SEGPAY, that are 100% reliable and secure.

    IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT STORE ON OUR SITE ANY DATA FROM YOR CREDIT CARD OR ANY INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ADDRESS, LOCATION ETC.  All payments are processed by  using a secure incrypted connection (https) by 3rd party processors that are specialised in credit card processing.

    For more information regarding credit card transactions on SEGPAY please contact support at

  • 24.What browser should I use?
  • We strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It renders in the fastest time our content, and these browser are also safe and reliable.

  • 25.I found a payment made to this site but I do not know what it is!
  • In case you found a payment that you do not recognize, that is directing to your website please contact us first . Give us all the details about it and we will try to find out who made it.

  • 26.What is the cost of a private show?
  • Prices depending on the model.

    An average show costs around $3 per minute.

  • 27.Billing Inquiries
  • Please visit SEGPAY.COM, our authorized sales agent.